Qassym-Jomart Toqaev addresses Kazakhstan's parliament

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After the parliamentary election on 10 January, Kazakhstan has a new government. This doesn’t imply change, however: Asqar Mamin, who has been prime minister since February 2019, has been reappointed to the same position. As the Kazakhstani outlet notes (RU), almost all of the members of the previous government have retained their post. also looked at the composition of the Majilis (RU), or lower house: the same three parties are in parliament, but 70% of current deputies are newcomers.

After a controversial comedy show on YouTube, Kyrgyzstan’s culture minister is considering stronger state control of musicians. After just two episodes, the show “V pi#du zvezdu”, hosted by the pop singer Kural Chokoev, became a controversial topic on social media. Obscene language and off-colour jokes led some internet users to call for a boycott of the show’s sponsors.

Coronavirus, border clashes, a political crisis in Kyrgyzstan… need to catch up? Last week, we looked back at 2020 in Central Asia.

Covid-19 in Central Asia

As of 18 January 2021, there have been 343,621 case, 4,445 deaths and 322,363 recoveries. In more detail:

– Kazakhstan : 169,099 cases, 2,349 deaths, 153,503 recovered
– Kyrgyzstan: 83,178 cases,  1,387 deaths, 79,104 recovered
– Uzbekistan: 78,036 cases, 619 deaths, 76,538 recovered
– Tajikistan: 13,308 cases, 90 deaths, 13,218 recovered
– Turkmenistan: 0 cases, 0 deaths, 0 recovered

Turkmenistan maintains Covid-19 is not present in the country, despite measures such as extending school holidays this month. Tajikistan, which only officially recorded its first case in May 2020, has not reported new cases since 1st January. [ERRATUM: Tajikistan has not reported new cases since 10 January, not 1st. There have officially been 12 new cases since the start of the year]

Last week, the vice prime minister of Kyrgyzstan, Elvira Jyrgalbekova, said the difference between the official count and the real number of deaths due to Covid-19 in the country was “in the thousands”.

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