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As of November 19 2021, Novastan is offering its readers the possibility to buy some of its Photos of the day. With this, you can support local and European photographers, as well as Novastan!

Everyday, Novastan publishes in its three languages (French, German and English) a picture representing Central Asia. Be it a landscape, people or food, it has become a central part of Novastan’s work to have Central Asia discovered by everyone. 

Today, we are moving forward. You can now buy some pictures Novastan presented to you and have them printed and delivered to your home. With every purchase, you will support the photographer as well as Novastan. 

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For now, we are starting with 19 pictures from 15 photographers, Central Asians or Europeans. Each of them has published great photos of this beautiful region. 

These pictures are listed below. If you fancy one or several of them, you will have the choice between three formats: 10x15cm (postcard), 20x30cm (medium) and 30x40cm (large). Your picture(s) will be printed in professional quality and sent out to your home. For that, we will work with a professional photo lab, based in France. 

This will work if you live in Europe. If you live elsewhere in the world, please send us an email to photo[at] and we will figure it out.

1- Left to dry (Timur Karpov / Uzbekistan)

Timur Karpov Karakalpakistan Kourpachas Uzbekistan Carpet

Kourpachas, traditional Uzbek carpets. [legend]
Timur Karpov

2- Street Football (Timur Karpov / Uzbekistan)

Timur Karpov Uzbekistan Karakapakistan Aral Sea Football

Children playing football on a street in Moynaq. [legend]
Timur Karpov

3- Town Entrance (Peretz Partensky / Russia)

Turkmenbasy Turkmenistan Sea Port Caspian

The port city of Turkmenbasy. [legend]
Peretz Partensky

4- Nur-Sultan’s suburb (Antoine Béguier / France)

Antoine Béguier Nur-Sultan Suburb

When you move away from the strange and extravagant hypercentre of Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, the architecture becomes particularly banal. [legend]
Antoine Béguier

5- Chatting at the Zelyony Bazaar (Antoine Béguier / France)

Zeleny Bazaar Green Market Almaty Kazakhstan Antoine Béguier

Two saleswomen from the Zeleny Bazaar take the time to discuss with two customers. As a real hypermarket, this bazaar supplies part of the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan. [legend]
Antoine Béguier

6- Turkmen flags (Konstantin Novakovic / Serbia)

Flags Turkmenistan Ashgabat Flags

National flags of Turkmenistan waving in the wind on Independence Square in central Ashgabat. [legend]
Konstantin Novakovic

7- Still Life (Antonin Lechat / France)

tashkent Uzbekistan restaurant hotel Uzbekistan

The restaurant “Vienna” inside the Hotel Uzbekistan in Tashkent. [legend]
Antonin Lechat (France)

8- A break at Gur-Emir Mausoleum (Tanya Zavkieva / Uzbekistan)

Gur Emir Mausoleum Samarkand Break Uzbekistan

A woman sits in the courtyard of the Gur Emir mausoleum in Samarkand. [legend]
Tanya Zavkieva

9- The Mavlyanov family (Hassan Kurbanbaev / Uzbekistan)

Tapchan Uzbekistan Family Photo Carpet

An Uzbek family poses on a tapchan. [legend]
Hassan Kurbanbaev

10- In the quiet of Kyrgyz mountains (Clara Marchaud / France)

Moutains Kyrgyzstan Cemetery Naryn

A traditional Kyrgyz cemetery in the Naryn region. [legend]
Clara Marchaud

11- Landscape of magical lakes (Josephine Kjaer / Denmark)

Tulpar-Kul Kyrgyzstan Pamir Lake

In southern Kyrgyzstan, where the Pamir mountain range begins, there is a magical landscape around the Tulpar-Kul lakes. [legend]
Josephine Kjaer

12- Sand Peak (Andy Stofferis / Belgium)

Altyn Emel Park Kazakhstan Sand Dune

An extraordinary natural phenomenon, the sand dune in Kazakhstan’s Altyn-Emel Park is surrounded by mountains. [legend]
Andy Sto

13- Glory of the 1970’s (Raban Haaijk / Netherlands)

Almaty Hotel Kazakhstan

The Kazakhstan Hotel in the former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, was built in 1978. [legend]
Raban Haaijk

14- Engraved in the rock (Grégoire Ader / France)

Lenin Kyrgyzstan Kirov Reservoir Statue

For more than 40 years, the founder of the Soviet Union has been overlooking the Kirov reservoir in Kyrgyzstan. [legend]
Gregoire Ader

15- A mysterious radar (Grégoire Ader / France)

Sary-Tash Kyrgyzstan Radar

In Sarytach, in southern Kyrgyzstan near the Tajik border, a military radar that monitored China’s neighbour during the Soviet Union. [legend]
Gregoire Ader

16- Palace of Arts (Viacheslav Vazyulya / Russia) 

Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts Uzbekistan Tashkent

The Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts in the Uzbek capital Tashkent, opened in 1974, is one of the largest exhibition halls in Central Asia. [legend]
Viacheslav Vazyulya

17- Navoiy’s cultural heart (Viacheslav Vazyulya / Russia) 

Navoiy Palace of Culture Uzbekistan

The “Farhod” Palace of Culture in Navoi, in southwestern Uzbekistan, was built in the early 1970s. [legend]
Viacheslav Vazyulya

18- Morning at Arslanbob (Irina Unruh / Germany)

Kyrgyzstan Arslanbob Irina Unruh village market

As the sun goes up, the sellers of this market do their first business in the village of Arslanbob in Kyrgyzstan. [legend]
Irina Unruh

19- Red curtain (Irina Unruh / Germany)

Photo of the day Irina Unruh Red Curtain Atmosphere Kyrgyzstan

The curtain, which shields the hot sun rays, wraps the kitchen in a mystical light. [legend]
Irina Unruh


Depending on the format and where you live, the price will be different. This price includes everything (printing and transportation). They are printed with professional quality and on a satin paper Resin Coated.

Small format (10x15cm) : 

  • For France: 8,1 euros
  • For Europe: 12,4 euros

Medium format (20x30cm): 

  • For France: 23,1 euros
  • For Europe: 27,4 euros

Large format (30x40cm):

  • For France: 47,2 euros
  • For Europe: 55,6 euros

In total, more than half of this price is sent back to the photographer, while the printing and sending cost represents 30 % on average. Novastan’s share is 10 % of the total price. 

Fancy one picture? Copy its URL and paste it here. If you have any trouble, send us an email to photo[at] 

Soon, if we can do it, we will open up this sale to every Novastan’s Picture of the day. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your loyalty,

Novastan’s team

Timur Karpov
Timur Karpov
Andy Sto
Raban Haaijk
Irina Unruh
Irina Unruh
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