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Uzbek business provides Bonduelle with beans

At the end of April 2021, the Uzbek produce exporter Global Export shipped 44 tonnes of beans to the world leader in canned vegetables, French company Bonduelle. With this result of a new partnership between the two companies, Global Export’s director hopes to strengthen this collaboration.

This article was originally published on Novastan’s French website on 5 May 2021.

According to Uzbek media UzNews, the Uzbek company Global Export exported the first batch of vegetables during the end of last April with the help of the Uzbek embassy in France and the Uzbek Export Promotion Agency. Supplying Bonduelle with ‘black eyed beans’, or black eyed peas, this partnership adds France to the list of Global Export’s twenty-six partners, according to its website.

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In a comment to Novastan, the director of Uzbek company Global Export Abbos Botirov explained the intent to develop the Bonduelle partnership. “Receiving European partners’ recognition is absolute proof of the quality of our company’s products,” declares Abbos Botirov. “Our company already has strong partnerships with companies in eight European countries. This was also made possible through compliance with international food standards such as FSSC 22000, he added.

Global Export aims to strengthen Bonduelle partnership in the coming months

“This recognition from the greatest worldwide vegetable can company shows that our business has started to gain status as a trusted partner in agricultural produce,” explains Abbos Botirov.

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As of May 2021, the agreement between the two companies has seen 180 tonnes of beans exported to France. Moreover, the Global Export director sees the partnership heading in a positive direction, adding “We expect to significantly increase the volume of exportation to 700 tons per year.”

Bonduelle did not respond to Novastan’s request for comment.

Joanna Blain
Editor for Novastan

Translated from French by Emma Bekrine

Edited by Fiona Katherine Smith

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