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Abdilla’s Family

Abdilla Tashbekov and his family during a lunch in their house in Sary-Mogol. Since 2012, Abdilla has been the director of CBT Sary-Mogol. He used to work mainly in tourism during the summer when this sector was growing until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the village and no tourists came. About this situation, he says: “The tourist season is dead. We had to close the office, our yurt camp and our guest houses this year”.

This picture is part of the UNDP Eurasia project “Surviving a pandemic: Visual impacts of Covid-19” realised in 2020.

Credit: Danil Usmanov (Kyrgyzstan)

To learn more about Danil Usmanov and his work, check out our French or German website. We presented his work in our series “Central Asia through the lens of …”.

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