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Beyond any borders: a new multicultural generation in Kazakhstan

While some academic studies from 90s described the future of Kazakhstan as conservative and ethnocentric, today it is obvious that there is also an opposite trend in the country. Young Kazakhstanis in particular demonstrate their openness towards multiculturalism and innovation. How does the new generation born in independent Kazakhstan relate to politics and society? How does it negotiate belonging in a state with over 100 different nationalities?

To discuss this topic, Novastan is pleased to invite:

Daniyar Kosnazarov is an advisor to the President of Almaty Management University, former Chief Editor of the award-winning media of Kazakhstan “The Steppe,” author of research papers. In his presentation, he will figure out which socio-political conditions have impacted the wide success of young Kazakhstani artists such as Dimash, Jah Khalib, Imanbek, The Limba, etc. Using these examples, Daniyar will show how the political economy of Kazakhstani creativity works.

Marina Zhir-Lebed is a PhD candidate in Internet sociology at the University of Bamberg. Her general research interests center around the role of digital technologies and new media formats in shaping and maintaining national identity among ethnic minorities in post-Soviet societies. In her presentation, Marina will shed light on the young generation of Kazakhstani Russians in the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Based on her research, she will also demonstrate how Instagram helps young Kazakhstani Russians to find their nation-related sense of belonging.

When? On 2nd June at 6 PM (CET)
Where? Online, via Zoom (link to the event)

The discussion will take place in English. 

The discussion will be hosted by the Novastan e.V., the German branch of

If you have any questions related to this event you can contact our host, Olga Janzen (board member of Novastan), at [email protected]

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